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Help stop Japan's secret dolphin slaughter!

 Every year, over 20,000 smaller whales, dolphins and porpoises are cruelly killed in Japanese waters. Global Whale Alliance founder and coordinator, ‘Campaign Whale’ is the only UK based member organisation of the 'Save Japan Dolphins' coalition, fighting to end the secret slaughter of dolphins and porpoises in Japan.

Now this horrific slaughter has been captured by hidden cameras in a feature length drama-documentary called ‘The Cove’, coming to a cinema near you sometime soon. The Cove has already received standing ovations at the Sundance and other film festivals this year.

For more information about the Cove and how you can help our campaign please click here

About the Global Whale Alliance

The Global Whale Alliance (GWA) was formed in 2001 to fight the resumption of commercial whaling. Membership is open to everyone that believes that the commercial slaughter of whales has no place in a modern compassionate world.

The international ban on commercial whaling, introduced by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 1986, is seriously under threat. The Global Whale Alliance is opposing plans to bring back commercial whaling under the ''Revised Management Scheme'' (RMS), now being finalised by the IWC. The RMS will legitimise the killing of whales for profit and push the world back to the dark ages of mass whale slaughter.

The RMS will reopen and legitimise a cruel industry that all but destroyed the world''s whales. Unfortunately, world governments have failed to enforce the whaling ban and are now seeking a political compromise on the whaling issue. These governments are not only betraying the whales, they are betraying public opinion in their own countries that wants commercial whaling to remain banned, and for this ban to be properly enforced. These governments are also disregarding overwhelming scientific evidence that demonstrates growing environmental problems, such as global warming, now threaten the world''s surviving whale populations with extinction.

The International Whaling Commission''s next annual meeting takes place in Chile in 2008. However, there will also be a special intersessional meeting early next year to discuss the future of the IWC and yet more compromise proposals, including a plan to designate the entire southern hemisphere a whale sanctuary,  from the PEW Charitable Trust.  This proposal is unacceptable in that it suggests a trade-off , where commercial whaling would be allowed to continue in Japan, Norway and Iceland.  

Many so-called ''anti-whaling'' countries are actually pressing for the RMS to be adopted, meaning the moratorium on commercial whaling will be lifted. These countries include Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands and the United States. The Global Whale Alliance needs you to tell your government to support the whales, not whaling.

This website includes useful and detailed background information on whaling and the GWA campaign. It also includes ideas on how you can help the whales right now. To join the GWA simply complete and return the Global Whale Alliance anti-RMS statement on this site. Membership of the GWA is open to individuals and groups alike.

The case for saving the whales is stronger today than ever before.The count-down to commercial whaling has begun, the Global Whale Alliance is committed to stopping it. Whatever you can do to help, please do something. If we act together we will win for the whales.

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