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Iceland announces end to commercial whaling

Campaign Whale welcomes the announcement by Fisheries Minister Einar Guofinnsson that the Icelandic Government will not permit more whaling after the current quota expires on August 31.

 "I will not issue a new quota until the market conditions for whale meat improve and permission to export whale products to Japan is secured," he said, "There is no reason to continue commercial whaling if there is no demand for the product."

Iceland resumed commercial whaling last October in defiance of an international moratorium on commercial whaling introduced by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 1986.

The government set a quota of 30 minke whales and nine fin whales, listed by the IUCN-World Conservation Union as an endangered species, but whalers have only killed seven minke whales and seven fin whales to date. However, more minke whales are likely to be killed for 'research.'

Campaign Whale has led a campaign calling on UK retailers and the public to boycott Icelandic fish and prawns in protest at whaling. Campaign Whale also persuaded the Icelandic company Bauger to stop selling whale meat in its supermarket chains Hagkaup and Bonus throughout Iceland.
Campaigns Director Andy Ottaway said ‘ Hopefully Iceland will now concentrate on developing its successful whale-watching industry rather than return to this outdated, cruel and unnecessary slaughter. However, until the cynical charade of so-called ‘scientific’ whaling is ended our campaign will go on’