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Iceland's Baugur Group says 'no' to whaling!

11th March 2007

The huge Icelandic Investment company The Baugur Group, which owns many retail outlets in Iceland, has followed up its public statement in January opposing the country''s resumption of commercial whaling by banning the sale of whale products from all its stores in Iceland. Baugur representatives met with Campaign Whale in January to discuss the whaling issue.

This move comes as a further blow to both the Government and the whalers who are having difficulty selling whale meat in Iceland.  T he Baugur Group has publicly stated that they see Iceland''s resumption of whaling as a serious threat to Iceland''s business interests abroad. 

Campaign Whale is leading a coalition of groups meeting with fish retailers in the UK calling on them to review their fish buying policies and reject claims that whales must be culled to conserve fishstocks. This argument has no scientific credibility whatsoever and we believe the public do not want to buy fish from countries that use this spurious argument to justify the cruel slaughter of whales for profit.

Please see our ''don''t buy your fish from whale killers'' campaign section for further information on how you can help