Help Stop Iceland's Whale Killers

In 2003, Iceland announced plans to kill 500 fin, sei and minke whales over two years for so-called ‘research’. In October 2006, Iceland announced the resumption of commercial whaling .

As of January 2007, Icelandic whalers have killed 7 endangered fin whales and a minke whale. They plan to kill a further 2 fin and 69 minkes this year, for profit. Iceland, like Norway, claim whales must be culled because they eat fish. This is nonsense. Human over-fishing is destroying fish stocks, not whales.

The biggest markets for Icelandic fish and prawns are the UK, EU and US. Do you want to buy seafood tainted by whale slaughter? If these countries can't sell their seafood then there's no point in killing whales. So let's show Iceland whaling is bad for business!

Please see our 'don't buy your fish from whale killers' section for details on how you can help our campaign to stop Iceland's whaling

Iceland was the first nation to begin a so-called ‘scientific’ whaling programme in 1986 defying the IWC whaling ban and selling or smuggling most of the meat to Japan. Japan of course, followed Iceland’s lead and began ‘scientific’ whaling in 1987. However, following sustained international pressure, including a boycott campaign against Icelandic fish products in the US, UK and Germany, Iceland stopped ‘scientific’ whaling in 1989 and walked out of the IWC in protest at the continuing moratorium in 1992.

The IWC has repeatedly passed resolutions condemning ‘scientific’ whaling and calling for whales to be studied by non-lethal means. . However, Iceland claims that whales are a threat to fish stocks when it is clear that human over-fishing is to blame for plumeting global fishstocks.


Iceland's whaling company owner has announced he intends to sell the whale meat to Japan. There is little demand for whale meat in Iceland. Meanwhile, Iceland has a rapidly growing whale-watching industry that clearly demonstrates that whales are worth far more alive than dead. However, the Icelandic authorities say they can have a watch-watching and a whaling industry. We have to convince them that they will lose more than can ever be gained by killing these whales.

How you can help:

Please protest to the Icelandic Embassy in your country today. If you do not know the address visit their website at Below are contact details of the US, UK and German Embassies.

Please tell the Ambassador you want Iceland to:

  • Stop ‘scientific’ and commercial whaling immediately and to withdraw their ‘objection’ to the IWC moratorium on commercial whaling.
  • Tell Him you will not visit Iceland ,or buy its fish products ,until all whaling stops


Please see our 'don't buy your fish from whale killers' campaign section for further details

The Ambassador
Embassy of Iceland
1156 15th Street N.W., Suite 1200
Washington DC 20005-1704
Tel.: 202-265-6653
Fax: 202-265-6656


Sverrir Haukur Gunnlaugsson
The Ambassador
Embassy of Iceland
2A Hans Street, London SW1X 0JE
Tel: 0207-259-3999
Fax: 0207-245-9649


Botschaft von Island
Rauchstrasse 1, 10787 Berlin
Tel. 49.30.5050 4000, Fax. 49.30.5050 4300


Some helpful points you can use in your letter, fax ‘phone call or email:

  • 25 countries, including the US and UK,  have called on Iceland to cease all whaling
  • Iceland’s lethal research proposal was rejected by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in July 2003.
  • You do not need to kill whales to study them. Scientists can learn much more about from photo id studies, tracking, DNA analysis, and sustained observation. Their diet can also be examined through observation, and the collection of faeces.
  • Iceland’s most important markets for fish exports are the US, UK and Germany where the public are strongly opposed to commercial whaling.
  • Whaling threatens Iceland’s rapidly growing whale-watching and eco-tourism. In 2002, more than 62,000 people went whale-watching in Iceland. Tourism in Iceland is second only to commercial fishing exports in its value to the Icelandic economy.
  • The renewal of Iceland’s whaling also threatens possible sanctions from the United States government that could cut off fish imports from Iceland. If another boycott against Iceland’s fish products is mounted, Iceland stands to lose billions of dollars in annual income.
  • If Iceland is allowed to get away with resuming whaling , other nations and pirate whalers will be encouraged to kill more whales.
  • The world’s whales have been decimated by centuries of whaling, especially in the North Atlantic. The argument increasingly used by Japan, Norway and Iceland that whales are a threat to fish-stocks is patent nonsense. It is nothing more than another attempt to justify justify the cruel slaughter of whales for money. The fact is commercial over-fishing is emptying the oceans of fish, not whales.


Please help the whales and protest today!