Founding Statement of the Global Whale Alliance

 The Global Whale Alliance expresses our profound opposition to the IWC's Revised Management Scheme (RMS) as we believe its completion and adoption will inevitably result in the resumption of commercial whaling. This remains totally unacceptable in that:

  •  A growing volume of scientific research provides clear warning of the potentially catastrophic catalogue of mounting threats to whales and their environment
  • Commercial whaling is unnecessary and inherently cruel
  • The consumption of contaminated whale meat poses a serious risk to human health
  • We do not know enough to manage whales sustainably even if this were still necessary or desirable
  • The case for the global moratorium on commercial whaling is stronger today than when first introduced by the IWC in 1986.
  • Whale populations have not had time to recover from decades of over-exploitation. There is now greater cause than ever before to doubt whether the world's surviving whale populations can withstand further hunting.

The Global Whale Alliance believes:

  1. There is no justification for commercial whaling in the 21st century  and it meets no critical human need.
  2. The moratorium on commercial whaling is an international conservation treaty that must be properly enforced.
  3. The International Whaling Commission's (IWC) overriding obligation is to 'provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks' and not to protect the interests of the commercial whaling industry.
  4. The moratorium must be upheld and enforced for the forseeable future while a long-term and comprehensive programme of benign research is undertaken to quantify and address the growing environmental threats to all cetaceans (whales. dolphins and porpoises).
  5. World governments must unite to preserve and strengthen the moratorium on commercial whaling and empower the IWC to enforce it.
  6. The ever-growing global whale-watching industry, attracting over 9 million people and worth in excess of $1billion each year, is clearly a more sustainable, ethical and economically viable use of whales than commercial whaling.

The Global Whale Alliance is calling for a working global coalition of like-minded non-governmental organisations, governments, scientists and members of the public in order to effectively oppose commercial and so-called 'scientific' whaling, and campaign for the continuation and strengthening of the commercial whaling moratorium for the foreseeable future.