Help Us Save The Ban On Commercial Whaling

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is currently finalising a Revised Management Scheme (RMS) for the resumption of commercial whaling. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Netherlands are some of the countries backing the RMS and the resumption of commercial whaling. Many other countries may do the the same.

Campaign Whale believes the world''s surviving whale populations are under threat as never before from climate change, pollution, entanglement in fishing nets and other threats. We also believe that killing whales is both cruel and totally unnecessary in a modern world. Whales need protecting, not hunting. If you agree please help us save the whaling ban.

 Please tell your Government that you will not vote for a government that supports the resumption of commercial whaling. Tell your government it must oppose the RMS or any other plan that will be used to lift the whaling ban. Tell them today because time is running out for the whales.