Join the Global Whale Alliance

The Global Whale Alliance opposes the resumption of commercial whaling. We hereby express our profound opposition to the completion and adoption of the International Whaling Commission''s Revised Management Scheme (RMS) that will inevitably result in the lifting of the global moratorium on commercial whaling.

We believe there are a growing number of ethical, political, legal, environmental and scientific arguments that support our view that the commercial hunting of whales cannot be justified in the 21st century. Commercial whaling poses an unnecessary and unacceptable risk both to the health and recovery of surviving whale populations and the people who consume whale products.

The Global Whale Alliance calls for a coalition of non-governmental organisations, governments, scientists and members of the public to oppose the RMS; to support the continuation and strengthening of the commercial whaling moratorium; and support the vital research necessary to quantify and address both the serious environmental threats to whales and the health risks to people that eat whale products.

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